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Marriage means understand the need of your partner

The stable coexistence of couple brings changes and expression of sexuality. It is difficult to identify the correct sexual behavior between married couples, because this is something that stems from the need of participation of each. However, both partners should understand perfectly, without prejudices, needs and feelings of others on this matter. Both should give their best to offer one another the perfect treat. Of course, this applies to the case we are dealing with a proper manifestation of sexual relations. However, the correct relationship between the spouses means that every one of them will have – in every way – trying to give each time in another full sexual satisfaction. Studies have shown that the woman needs more time than a guy to irritate sexually. The difference, but this is something that usually does not bother anyone by their husbands. This, of course, happens if none of them ever forgets that their sex lives are usually the only expression of love and affection they feel for each other. "For the woman, usually, the affection, the manifestation of love from her companion, gently fondling and kissing is far more important than any – this sexual act. Surely the two of them can do everything as companions and as lovers. When one accepts and responds to the call, it should be in the mind and the body of another. Also, the erotic reason, since it is free, bold and effortless, releases from taboos, prejudices fears and guilt so as to us as well as our partner. How, though, we have learned to talk sex, talking sexually, saying words through our souls to each other, to speak up in erotic bed, in our love Act? How truly has the ability to talk about our fantasies in our erotic companion? Well, Yes in erotic speech that comrade knows to say what they want to hear the companion, knows to lead him verbally in phrases and scenes that the fantasy shapes. Yes in the companion who asks the mate to speak and says things that excite and irritating in the game. Yes to both manage to reach deep in their desires, fantasies, they are asking for and claim their message from the verbal sexual integration. Zeta from your partner what you want, make him feel free with you without devaluation? ... But don't forget an essential and important thing: not requirements which your companion does not want, not the pressure to do it, not exercises violence within the erotic Act, while he refuses, don't criticize your partner why can't or doesn't want to do what you ask.