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Leave life like Leaf

Losers in games of the times searching for a cheerful Ithaca we missed the course ... Market hopes, dreams and hopes disappear in the hands of corrupt. Now empty ... An odd silence everywhere like the icy Moon, in a landscape of grief dark and distant. Only a screaming sound all of a sudden in the sunset as dawns ... Maybe there is still something in the dust of destruction, maybe people got back to life and made at least more inhuman than human ... Maybe there's still the word love, Word perhaps? Love is not sold out and she in bargaining relationships and fragile emotions. Maybe still exist within us a little kindness, little mercy, perhaps even to exist, perhaps even to exist.

Autumn ..., colour and age of melancholy!!! It's the time that child and not just lazing begins to shrink like a bullet in memory, is that the Sun shortens the circles of light diminishes, and the day is gathers, the phthisis and the degradation of glory days, is aware that the sky begins to show the liquid present on Earth, is that nature discovers the colours not in flowers this time but in autumn leaves and these are strange their journey. Is leaf leaves life are thinking!!!